Where Story Ideas Come From

Ideas for your novel are everywhere, you just have to learn to pay attention.


Thinking About Writing Non-Fiction

So, I’m toying with writing a nonfiction book. For the sole purpose of making money, of course. I know… right? We writers and other artists are supposed to be focused on ‘the art.’ But, that’s bullshit. Anyway, in order to write a series of books, it has to be a subject I’m at least tangentially … Continue reading Thinking About Writing Non-Fiction

3: Creating Characters

What I know so far I love Scrivener... even though I am having a little trouble learning how to make Version 3 do what I loved about Version 2. (That reminds me, I need to email them. Once I hear back, I'll put up a tutorial.) But, there are a few places where I think … Continue reading 3: Creating Characters

Everything involved in writing a book

Like many of you this time of year, I've been binge watching Lifetime and Hallmark cheesy Christmas movies. I absolutely love them. And I want a book in that same, sweet-romance genre up for sale next year. Because that will give me a ton of time and they are relatively formulaic, that's what I'm going to write for this experiment. Outlining every detail will slow me way down, but I think it will be helpful to other people wanting to write. 

In dire need of Scrivener 3 help!!

  In all my books, I always put a line-drawing that's relevant to the story before the chapter headings. I love doing that! But with the new Scrivener, everything is different and I can't figure out how. Since Scrivener 3 is so new, I can't even find any tutorials on the internet. I thought everything … Continue reading In dire need of Scrivener 3 help!!

The word counter I’ve been waiting for…

Excellent Word Counter I have just found the best Mac app in the history of apps. Sounds hyperbolic, right? Not even. It's amazing. WordCounter has taken so much pressure off my scatterbrained mind. I've been tracking my writing, trying to boost my words per hour, figure out when is my best writing time, and all … Continue reading The word counter I’ve been waiting for…