The Right Narration at the Right Time

I received a critique on a book in my mystery series the other day that blew my mind. Normally I don’t comment on advice and critiques that I don’t agree with. I consider them all, because if one person thought something as they were reading my stuff, then a percentage of other people who read … Continue reading The Right Narration at the Right Time


Thinking About Writing Non-Fiction

So, I’m toying with writing a nonfiction book. For the sole purpose of making money, of course. I know… right? We writers and other artists are supposed to be focused on ‘the art.’ But, that’s bullshit. Anyway, in order to write a series of books, it has to be a subject I’m at least tangentially … Continue reading Thinking About Writing Non-Fiction

Publishing too Soon

Rookie Self-Publishing Mistake I would like for you all to meet someone. His name is Barin and he and a few other people have been living in my head for a couple of years now. It almost never takes me that long to write a book. Well, not quite true. My first one took 35 … Continue reading Publishing too Soon

Everything involved in writing a book

Like many of you this time of year, I've been binge watching Lifetime and Hallmark cheesy Christmas movies. I absolutely love them. And I want a book in that same, sweet-romance genre up for sale next year. Because that will give me a ton of time and they are relatively formulaic, that's what I'm going to write for this experiment. Outlining every detail will slow me way down, but I think it will be helpful to other people wanting to write. 

The Adverb Myth

Ok, first, let's start with a quote that pretty much any modern writer has run across... “I believe the road to hell is paved with adverbs, and I will shout it from the rooftops. To put it another way, they're like dandelions. If you have one on your lawn, it looks pretty and unique. If … Continue reading The Adverb Myth

“As you know, Bob”

Sam picked up the long stone and held it out to Willie. “So, what was it Ms. Jones said about dinosaur bones in class the other day?” Willie took the stone and examined it. “Well, she said…” This is known as the “As you know, Bob” dialogue faux pas. This happens when a character is … Continue reading “As you know, Bob”