My Evolution… Why I Self Publish… And Why I Want You to Sit Down and Write

When I finally stopped lying about writing and actually did it. And, why everyone should finish a book.


Book in 12 Days

Ok, I sat at the beach and wrote all this in my notebook yesterday, was going to type it up when I got home, and post it. Unfortunately, I finally talked my roommate into watching Stranger Things and we ended up binge watching six episodes. No more work was done. So, here's what should have … Continue reading Book in 12 Days

Being a Writer With ADHD

For years, I had a nameless problem. Okay, that's partially true. I had a lot of names for it - none of them polite and most aimed at myself. When I could force myself to sit down and write, I was fine -- for five to fifteen minutes. Somewhere in that time, my fingers would … Continue reading Being a Writer With ADHD