Writing Advice and Help

Do you have a friend who started writing a book, put it aside, and feels anguished that they never finished it? Do you have a friend who’s been “writing a book” for the last twelve years? Now, let’s be really honest… Are you that friend?

I was. All I ever wanted to do was write. I spent my daydreaming time on flights of fancy that would one day grace the pages of my book. I saw myself at book-signings, smiling graciously at my adoring fans. I read every writing craft book on the market and listened to every writing podcast on iTunes. I even went so far as to go back to school and shell out almost $100,000 to get a Creative Writing degree. The one thing I never did was sit my butt in the chair and write the stupid book.

So, I just want to tell you something –lean in close– YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Not by a long-shot.

When I finally did–when I finally reached the end of my first story, the dam broke. That gnawing feeling that had eaten away at me since the first time I uttered the words, “I’m going to write a book” went away. Gone.

I had put so much importance on that one book that it was holding me back from actually writing books.

Whether you started “writing your book” twenty years ago or today is the first day you had the desire to put pen to paper, this site is a place to find all the information you need. I’m building a step-by-step plan to squeeze that first book out of you, so you can get on with your writing life.

I initially built this site to help self-pubbers edit their books… but, you guys, the beginners who need to get that first book done–that’s who I really want to help.

  • How to plan your book
    • How to Develop Your Characters
    • Are you a Plotter or Pantser
    • What You Should Know about Story Structure
  • How to write your book
  • How to edit your book-
  • How to publish your book-
  • What can you expect from your first book-
  • And, when you start writing your second book-

There’s a lot of content for me to write and this will take a while for me to build. But stick with me and we’ll get this done.