5: Getting down to plotting

Wrestling with how to write the plot of a new romance book. Step by step.


4: Romance and protagonists

Now that the scifi debacle is over, I can get back to this romance thingy. This is why I didn't give myself a timeline--I have roughly ten projects going on at any given time and I find it hard to concentr SQUIRREL! Okay, where was I? Initially, I was thinking of having both characters play … Continue reading 4: Romance and protagonists

3: Creating Characters

What I know so far I love Scrivener... even though I am having a little trouble learning how to make Version 3 do what I loved about Version 2. (That reminds me, I need to email them. Once I hear back, I'll put up a tutorial.) But, there are a few places where I think … Continue reading 3: Creating Characters

1: Researching How to Plot Romance

What I know about romance could fit in a thimble. (And I hear the combined shouts of amen from my exes as soon as I hit 'publish') So, I'm going to run down the list of what I know has to go into this book. It's going to be tough. I'm not going to be … Continue reading 1: Researching How to Plot Romance

Everything involved in writing a book

Like many of you this time of year, I've been binge watching Lifetime and Hallmark cheesy Christmas movies. I absolutely love them. And I want a book in that same, sweet-romance genre up for sale next year. Because that will give me a ton of time and they are relatively formulaic, that's what I'm going to write for this experiment. Outlining every detail will slow me way down, but I think it will be helpful to other people wanting to write.