Why haven’t you written yet?

You'll get around to it? Time? Knowledge? Don't know where to start? I'm going to let you in on a secret. You don't write because you're afraid. But, before we get to that, let's talk about excuses you might be using. I know them, because I used every one of them. I've been obsessed with … Continue reading Why haven’t you written yet?



I'm turning back the clock. I haven't been around in a while—because I got bored. Not with trying to help people, mind you, but with trying to be someone I wasn't. I'm not one to couch my words and try to be 'professional' about anything. My clean (read as 'no sex') fiction is about an … Continue reading Re-Branding

The Right Narration at the Right Time

I received a critique on a book in my mystery series the other day that blew my mind. Normally I don’t comment on advice and critiques that I don’t agree with. I consider them all, because if one person thought something as they were reading my stuff, then a percentage of other people who read … Continue reading The Right Narration at the Right Time

Wandering around WordPress…

When I started this blog, I made a list of mistakes I've made, that I saw from new writers in school, and that I see now in traditional and self-published books. The list was wimpy. Pulling things out of my brain all at once takes more effort than I can muster. That's why I don't write flash-fiction. … Continue reading Wandering around WordPress…

Getting Started Here

Let's Talk About Work... Hi, everyone (or just one... or nobody... whatever). Just like most writers, I read a lot. Like - a lot a lot. As a poor writer, I accomplish this in two ways; the library and Kindle Unlimited. My library's fine (Hi, guys! :::waves:::), but KU just kills me sometimes. Is it … Continue reading Getting Started Here