My Evolution… Why I Self Publish… And Why I Want You to Sit Down and Write

When I finally stopped lying about writing and actually did it. And, why everyone should finish a book.


Publishing too Soon

Rookie Self-Publishing Mistake I would like for you all to meet someone. His name is Barin and he and a few other people have been living in my head for a couple of years now. It almost never takes me that long to write a book. Well, not quite true. My first one took 35 … Continue reading Publishing too Soon

In dire need of Scrivener 3 help!!

  In all my books, I always put a line-drawing that's relevant to the story before the chapter headings. I love doing that! But with the new Scrivener, everything is different and I can't figure out how. Since Scrivener 3 is so new, I can't even find any tutorials on the internet. I thought everything … Continue reading In dire need of Scrivener 3 help!!

Stop Calling It Vanity Publishing — The Let’s Play Ball Blog

More than a decade into the self-publishing revolution, it’s hard to believe we’re still being subjected to dire warnings about “vanity publishing.” Can there possibly be a more tired phrase than that? If it’ll do any good, I’ll admit that I’m vain. Whenever I publish, I chose to pay dearly for the privilege. A complete […] … Continue reading Stop Calling It Vanity Publishing — The Let’s Play Ball Blog

Day 5

You ever set out to do something insane, and realize half-way through exactly how insane it is? I couldn't post last night because I didn't want to touch another key. I have a Yeti microphone and Dragon set up on my laptop... I may see what I can do with that today. About a year … Continue reading Day 5

Days 3 and 4

Where'd 3 Go?? As anyone who knows me will tell you; if the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, I'm foreman of Satan's Public Works crew. I had a set back yesterday morning when I woke up panicking about money. So, I took one of the short-stories I'd written and just needed to … Continue reading Days 3 and 4

Day 2

Ok, I was setting out to expand the outline today. I didn’t do so well. Even keeping the expansion scant, I got too much into writing the story and made the outline of each chapter way too big. Dialogue would jump into my head and come out my fingers. My usual chapter is about 1,600 … Continue reading Day 2