Day 2

Ok, I was setting out to expand the outline today. I didn’t do so well. Even keeping the expansion scant, I got too much into writing the story and made the outline of each chapter way too big. Dialogue would jump into my head and come out my fingers. My usual chapter is about 1,600 … Continue reading Day 2


Day 1

It's the end of day 1, and I'm wiped out. My brain is jelly. As for using the software, I ditched that idea around six hours ago. It is sooooooo detailed that there's no way I could finish in two days. It will be great when I'm trying to suss out characters and stories in … Continue reading Day 1

Book in 12 Days

Ok, I sat at the beach and wrote all this in my notebook yesterday, was going to type it up when I got home, and post it. Unfortunately, I finally talked my roommate into watching Stranger Things and we ended up binge watching six episodes. No more work was done. So, here's what should have … Continue reading Book in 12 Days

Is It Always Sexy Time?

Let me start this by saying that sex is awesome. I love doing it, I love writing it, and I love reading it - most of the time. One of my pen-names is of the brown-chicken-brown-cow variety. (In case you're not familiar with the reference) It's fun! But, let's be honest - it can be … Continue reading Is It Always Sexy Time?

I Don’t Care About Your Character’s Breakfast (unless it’s poisoned, of course)

I've seen a tendency in new authors to begin at the beginning -- like, the very beginning. No matter what Julie Andrews says, it's not a very good place to start. If your character is alive (or even undead), I assume they woke up. Whether it was dusk, dawn, or any other time - it's … Continue reading I Don’t Care About Your Character’s Breakfast (unless it’s poisoned, of course)