Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Writing Fiction

Finally Write Your Book

I can’t tell you how many times people have told me, “I have this great idea for a novel, but I can’t write a book.” Outwardly, I just nod. But, on the inside, I’m saying, “No kidding. Nobody knows how to do it–until they actually do it.”

We’ve spent our lives listening to stories, whether it was our grandmother talking about her day while she sat under a hairdryer waiting for her stinky perm to set (that can’t just be me) or the thousands to television shows we’ve taken in over the years. You know the essential elements of story-telling. I’m just here to remind you that you know, help you organize them, and guide you along the way toward putting them together.

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The Absolute Beginning

Section 1: Expectations through Ideas

where I rain on your parade… and then encourage you

Myths about writing a novel writing repair money

Myths About Writing a Novel

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First Step in Character Development