My books are published under two pen-names. Since my mother knows how to use Google, I’ve gone to great pains to make sure they are never connected to my real name. I’ve been in the traditional book business for longer than I care to admit. Though a native of the New Mexico deserts and the Louisiana swamps, I’ve lived all over the U.S. and have traveled extensively.

Having run a successful writing group in Boston for almost four years, I’ve seen (and made) every writing mistake possible. Actually, I still do.

I’ve left the real world behind and moved to Hull, MA to make a living with the Creative Writing degree everyone told me was a pointless waste of money. I’m also ridiculously stubborn and hard-headed. Write or starve… that’s what I’ve chosen.

This blog is a way for me to retreat from the worlds in my head, relax, and interact with other writers – and maybe help someone along the way.

Hull, MA

My new town. Hull, MA. Right across Boston Harbor from (you guessed it) Boston.


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