5: Getting down to plotting

Changing my mind again/That’s what brainstorming’s about

The best thing about this stage of the planning is the ability to change my mind without any deleting of chapters, find/replace, somebody-shoot-me moments.

As I started sketching out the plot, Jace felt way more interesting to me and I think the story should be mainly from his POV. So, even though Brent is more relatable, writing Jace excites me a little more. Here are my notes from today… I was waiting for the mailman to deliver a proof copy of my new book, and I can never get any writing done on days like this. Luckily, plotting ain’t writing.


Told you I’d include all my scribbles. (The PDF only scrolls if you’re reading this on a computer instead of a phone or tablet, but I’m tired of trying to find a solution.)

So, the first part of the story is sketched out, roughly–but enough that I can start putting things down on paper (metaphorically, it’s not often I use real paper anymore).

I’ve decided there needs to be a crime of some sort. It’s just what I know and what I’m comfortable with, so…

JaceJace T

Jace is an ex-police officer from Boston. He is now a bodyguard/assistant to a drug lord. They are in Colorado to seal some sort of deal that I haven’t worked out yet. Maybe offering to get drugs to the Colorado guy that more easily come into coastal cities in exchange for a good price on weed? Still working on that.

The lie that he’s telling himself is that he isn’t good enough to be loved. The reason is that he was dating his partner on police force and he was killed. He blames himself. That’s also why he left the force and took the job on the other side of the law.

The defenses he uses against the pain are sarcasm and emotional coldness. He only dates people who are ‘safe,’ with no chance of attachment. That’s why he’s (dangerously) having an affair with his boss’ main squeeze.

The biggest goal that he THINKS he wants is to take over some of the international arms of the drug lord’s business to get him not only out of Boston, but out of the country. There are too many things everywhere that remind him of his former life.


f6a5f808-8482-4341-bcaf-d3de6d803696Brent is a small-town cop. I think I’m going to go with Garfield County officer, because I lived in Glenwood Springs for a while and know the area. He has family in the area that he doesn’t feel he can leave. I haven’t figured out the exact reason. I know that I want his mother to play a part in this, so I’m probably going have his father be recently dead and him hanging around to help his mother.

His lie is going to be that he will never find love as long as he lives in that area. He feels there aren’t any people around to date and fall in love with. His last boyfriend couldn’t stand the rural life and ran off to New York to be a police officer.

His defense against this is sullenness and sneaking off to Denver every chance he gets.

The biggest goal he THINKS he wants is to leave his life behind and move to a metropolis.

Yay! So, now I have enough to get a little bit of writing done.



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