Everything involved in writing a book

Write a book; from concept to publication

Write a book with me from conception to publication.

The nitty-gritty details

Ok, I’m known for having wacky ideas that come back to bite me in the butt. I think I showed that in my attempt to write a book from start to finish in twelve days, which was a miserable failure. So, this wacky idea is not going to have a time-line.

I want to make sure absolutely everything a person could possibly need to go from an empty notebook to hitting ‘publish’ on Amazon is covered in this blog. That’s hard to do in a scatter-shot, as-it-dawns-on-me kind of way. I am an incredibly linear thinker. So, I figure the best way is to publicly write my next book.

And when I say ‘publicly,’ I mean it. From PDFs of my chicken-scratch notes, copies of my horrible first drafts (all my first drafts are nightmares), examples of my edits and reasons for them, to every step needed to compile the ebook and get it up for sale. If you follow along, you’ll be as sick of the book as I always am by the end.

Like many of you this time of year, I’ve been binge watching Lifetime and Hallmark cheesy Christmas movies. I absolutely love them. And I want a book in that same, sweet-romance genre up for sale next year. Because that will give me a ton of time and they are relatively formulaic, that’s what I’m going to write for this experiment. Outlining every detail will slow me way down, but I think it will be helpful to other people wanting to write.

I’ll also try to expand my plotting ideas to fit into pretty much whatever anyone wants to write, so I hope it helps, no matter the genre. And I’ll show examples of every bit of software I use along the way.

Also, if I am coming up on something that you have a good process for, feel free to contact me and do a guest post.

The scheming is done, so plotting starts tomorrow!



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