Day 1


It’s the end of day 1, and I’m wiped out. My brain is jelly. As for using the software, I ditched that idea around six hours ago. It is sooooooo detailed that there’s no way I could finish in two days. It will be great when I’m trying to suss out characters and stories in the future, but since I’ve been living with these people in my head for a few years, I feel I already know them well enough. I didn’t ditch the Outlining Your Novel stuff altogether though. It’s actually the backbone of my outline.

I plugged it into an Excel sheet. She tells you approximately when the major points of your story should happen for the most impact.

Example from software

Example from software

I know that there are people out there who feel that takes some of the art from storytelling… I say bullshit. It actually capitalizes on the wisdom of tens of thousands of years of storytellers.

I decided that I want the novel to be about 70,000 words. My chapters run between 1,600 and 2,000 words. That just seems to be the usual rhythm of my arcs. So, I had Excel tell me approximately in which chapters I needed this important stuff to happen. Below you can see – Inciting Incident at 12%, Key Event at 20%, and it goes on. Then I added blank chapters between them and filled them up. To keep the timeline straight, I highlighted each chapter in green, different shades for each day.

Top Section of Outline

Top Section of Outline

I decided that the best way to tell the story is from a mixture of two different POV’s. I’ve never done this before. Every other chapter is highlighted in red. That’s the First Person POV of Zach. The other chapters are Third Person through either Hector’s or Savage’s POV, depending on who best advances the story. Below is the entire thing. Seven days, a lot of danger, a love story line with a happy ending, etc.

Full Initial outline

Complete (first) rough outline

Then, eyeballs burning, fingertips aching, shoulders cramping, I moved on to the next step. I split-screened this very skimpy outline with Outlinely and dove in on the expansion.

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 9.21.01 AM

I got to the end of Chapter 8 and my brain and ass cramped. I have to stop for the day. I should be able to expand the other 36 chapters tomorrow. Woohoo. I know I can do this!



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