Book in 12 Days


Ok, I sat at the beach and wrote all this in my notebook yesterday, was going to type it up when I got home, and post it. Unfortunately, I finally talked my roommate into watching Stranger Things and we ended up binge watching six episodes. No more work was done. So, here’s what should have gone up yesterday — be warned, because of what I have planned, I won’t have time to edit, so the next 13 posts will be a little rough around the edges.

Book in 12 days Experiment

As a scattered nut-job with ADHD, one of the biggest fears I have is that something will slip through the cracks. There are so many things I want to do and so many things I’ve started (and not finished) that it seriously makes me queasy.

I think I’ve finally gotten myself relatively organized with Evernote, Asana, and Scrivener. They are my outer-brains and help free up room and reduce chaos in the brain that’s rattling around in my skull.

Right now all I have to do is write. I should be blowing this thing out of the water – and compared to my past performance, I am.

In the last three weeks, I’ve released five stories on Amazon. They’ve all been rattling around my Scrivener files for a couple of years, but still. That’s an infinite improvement over the past. But, I’m starting to bump against another problem.

I have so many things I want to work on that I can’t decide what to do next. That leads to paralysis. I’m equally passionate about all of them, under all my pen-names. There’s no easy way to choose.

So, here’s what I did. I assigned them all a number, 1 – 25 (told you the list was out of control) and used a random number generator to pick for me. I got number 23.

Thats a full-length superhero novel. It will take some world building and a whole lot of firming up. There are definitive scenes I want to include, definite plot points, etc. But 80% of the book is hazy. Since there’s no Magic 8 Ball for story structure (maybe I should invent that), I’m going to turn to the next best thing.

I’ve been listening to I Should be Writing for ages and have so much respect for K.M. Weiland’s advice. I snapped up her outlining book & workbook ages ago. I’ve read through them, discussed them with my writing group, and even made a meticulous Scrivener template from it. Have I ever actually outlined a whole book with it. Hell, no.

The day her companion software came out, I grabbed that too. I installed it immediately, played around for about an hour, then got dressed and left for work. I hadn’t touched it since until last night.

Now, I’m going to challenge myself publicly (autocorrect tried to make that “public alley”). I will plan, write, and edit my Superhero book in 12 days. I will be accountable to whoever is reading this. Even if I’m yelling into a void here, I’m going to act like there are thousands of you watching.

If you are reading this on my own personal or writing advice blogs, you probably won’t want to read the book when it’s done. Though it’s not erotica, there are some pretty graphic sex scenes that are integral to the plot – I’ll let you decide. The random generator picked an NSFW title.

If you are reading this on a page with bookcovers featuring shirtless men – I would like anyone who wants to beta-read the book to get in touch with me – I’ll let you know about the content then, to see if you are comfortable with it. I ask that anyone who wants to sign up be able to read and give notes within three weeks of getting the book. I mean, hell, if I can write it in less than two… Surely someone’s willing. I doubt I’ll have to set a limit, because nobody knows me under that name. (Or this name, depending where you’re reading this.)

I’ll break the days down like this…


24 – Work through detailed outline process using KM’s ‘Outline Your Novel” book, workbook and software.

25 – continue outline. I’m giving myself two days with the outline, because the software is insanely detailed and I’m factoring in my learning curve. Hopefully, when it spits out a Scrivener file, the story will be told and I will just have to write it. Fingers crossed.

26 – Sept 1 Write 10,000 a day


2 and 3 Edit and add in ideas that occur to me after scenes are already written – you know that always happens.

4 Final edit – where I make my computer read it to me and I tweak dialogue, etc.

5 Send to beta-readers

I’ll blog about the process — in broken, almost unintelligible sentences probably. And, I guess this will be my review of the ‘Outlining Your Novel’ software too. She recommends up to three months for the outline. I just checked the ‘created’ date on the file I made when the idea hit me, 8/16/14. I think that’s long enough to be rattling around in my head.

Since this is going out on three blogs,

RW, WR, and DP


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